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How many roses make essential oil?

Updated: Mar 6

It takes around 252,000 rose petals, or approximately 8,000 roses to distil a tiny 5ml bottle of rose essential oil. When you zoom out to this bigger picture, you cannot help but bow in reverence and gratitude to all that Rose provides for us.⁠

You cannot help but know in your deepest being just how precious, and potent, a single drop of Rose oil is. You cannot help but feel that the spirit of this beautiful plant demands our respect when we choose to engage with her on this level of her life force.⁠

We use conscious amounts of Rose essential oil, along with rose petal infusions in some of our formulas, and we do so with deep respect for her medicine. We do so knowing that ALL essential oils are a privilege — not something to be taken for granted or used willy nilly — especially those that are endangered from over-harvesting in order to make said essential oils.⁠

We do so knowing that every time we apply About Face Oil or our Woman feminine empowerment oil, we are not only benefitting from Rose's skin-beautifying properties, but we are also drinking in her vibration — her sheer vital essence — her overwhelming sacrifice for our mind, body and spirit. ⁠

We do so knowing that we have actively chosen the path of creating natural skincare and perfumery, in favour of synthetic fragrances that do little but trick you into a false sense of harmony (and are cheaper to produce) — and we recognise the responsibility that comes with that.⁠

We do so understanding that we are still ever-learning and deepening our connection with the plant realm, that we will continue to strive to improve and make choices that we feel are ethical and in alignment to the spirit of the plants we so openly sing the praises of.⁠

So my friends, I guess I just wanted to say — if you choose to use essential oils and products containing essential oils, please treasure them, enjoy them in deep reverence; and most of all — understand the supreme value and richness they hold beyond their price tag.

With love and roses,

x Mary Moon 🌹

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