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Set the mood for a restful sleep with Moon Mist natural room mist and bedtime pillow mist. A potion of 3 sleep-promoting essential oils — lavender, bergamot and petitgrain — infused with passionflower, rainbow fluorite and green aquamarine crystals (see Benefits to learn why this is the perfect recipe for a sweet sleep).


Mist your pillow and surrounds as you wind down for bed, or use as a room mist any time to usher in feelings of calm and serenity. The lightly deodorising properties also makes for  a sweetly scented linen mist, clothes mist, underarm spritz* and hair mist when you wish to soothe and refresh at once.


Blue is the colour of calm and relaxation — which is why Moon Mist is packaged in a lovely 100ml reuseable cobalt blue mister bottle for you to keep by your bedside, at your office, or in your living room for a spritz of serenity anytime. 


*As Bergamot is a photosensitive oil, we do not recommend spraying Moon Mist on exposed areas of skin before going out in the sun. Limit to underarms, clothes and hair during the day, and spritz all-over come nightfall ♥


This product does not intend to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Moon Mist room + pillow potion

    • Lavender essential oil: Lavender is among the most famous nervines of all — her gorgeously floral, herbaceous and woody scent well known to soothe feelings of stress, depression, nervousness and insomnia, wrapping us up in her lilac embrace when feeling blue. Her analgesic properties also help to ease symptoms of headaches and migraines.
    • Bergmaot essential oil: Bergamot is ultra calming for stressed-out, frustrated spirits. She's there to help ease symptoms of depression and acts as a relaxant and sedative for the nervouse system, making her a valued botanical to work with for insomnia and restlessness.
    • Petitgrain essential oil: Fresh, citrusy petitgrain has a sedative effect on the nervous system, calming frantic heartbeats and relaxing the body in readiness for sleep. She also helps to ease depressed states and in addition to her uplifting aroma, is a lovely natural deodoriser.
    •  Passionflower herb: Not just a ridiculously pretty flower, passionflower helps to relieve feelings of anxiety and insomnia with her sedative effects. She's also known to boost GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid)  — a brain neurotransmitter that modulates over-excitement and mood swings.
    • Rainbow fluorite*: This stunning crystal, a melding of purple and green fluorite, helps to balance emotional states and mute mental chatter — both valuable offerings when winding down for sleep. She is grounding and spritually harmonising — connecting you deeper to universal consciousness, while her negativity-absorbing power makes her a valued mineral for auric and chakra cleansing.
    • Green aquamarine*: Like her name suggests, aquamarine helps to pacify our inner raging tidal waves  — ferrying us to the calm, deep ocean available within our emotional state. She is also there to support letting go of that which no longer serves us, releasing stress and anger — allowing us to better experience a peaceful, restful night's sleep.  


    *The physical crystals are not included with Moon Mist. They are charged into the water element of the preparation before blending — imparting their spiritual, emotional and mental benefits to the final mist.

  • Distilled water, witch hazel*, lavender*, bergamot*, petitgrain, passionflower*, solubiliser, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate.


    * = certified organic ingredients.

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