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Dear friend,

Welcome to my little world. A world where the ancient and ever-evolving art and science of herbalism reigns. 


I am a folk herbalist and natural product formulator residing in Australia. I pay homage to the herbal elders of the world, both past and present, who have carried the lantern of herbal wisdom for thousands of years.  Without them, I would not be here today sharing my own knowledge and offerings with you.

It is like a homecoming to remember that humans are not living in nature, we are nature. We are part of a cosmic playground, of which we are in direct relationship with all that we encounter on our daily path.

I invite you to welcome plants into your life as friends, as allies — they have much to teach us, and we humans have much to learn!

It is my honour and privilege to make for you, and share with you, herbal products and preparations that have enhanced my everyday life — as I sincerely hope they do yours.

Wishing you radiant health and a heart full of mirth always,


Mary Moon 

Portrait of Mary Moon herbalist garden
Mary Moon in kitchen with herbs
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