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Benefits of Lemon Balm in skincare

lemon balm body oil skincare benefits

What's that? Did I go and juice the verdant, dew-dropped moss from the fairies forest floor? Alas, no — but I did extract our beautiful Queen Lemon Balm into coconut oil (as I normally do) — but with richer results! 🍃

From my current batch moving forward you will notice a deeper, more herbalicious green colour to your folk-favourite Thieves balm.

This doesn't mean you weren't receiving the benefits of the lemon balm before. All Little Lune formulas undergo a deep, slow infusion of herbs prior to reaching your lovely skin — I've just been experimenting and expanding my learnings and am thoroughly enjoying producing a more vibrant extraction of medicinal compounds, including the pigment! ⁠

So why do we love Lemon Balm? [Historically known as "Balm"]. Well aside from Balm making a fragrant and soothing tea for frazzled nerves, insomnia and digestive upset (to name a few), as a topical remedy, she positively shines for her anti-viral action. And like her siblings Peppermint and Lavender, Balm possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties — so it's plain to see why Lemon Balm forms the very important foundation of Thieves balm, which aims to work hand-in-hand with your body's defences. ⁠

We also love Balm for her botanical name, Melissa officinalis. Melissa means honeybee in Greek and she was named such due to her fragrant flowers being oh-so-seductive for our pollinator friends! And we LOVE bees 🐝 — so I can't think of a more beautiful reason to grow lemon balm in your garden, on your window sill or balcony to honour and welcome our bee friends, and as a symbol of gratitude for all they contribute to our eco system.⁠

And finally, as the 11th century physician and philosopher Avicenna proclaimed — "Balm maketh the heart merry and joyful, and strengthens the vital spirits."⁠

...And I couldn't agree more.

melissa officinalis lemon balm herbal skincare

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