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How to store dried herbs and essential oil products

home herbalist tips

If you’re working with herbs (or simply dabbling on occasion) for your medicinal teas, herbal infusions, cooking, tinctures, etc, it’s best practice to store your dried herbs in amber glass jars.

Amber glass bottles evoke images of charming old apothecaries, pharmacies (and Little Lune 😉🌙) — but there is a very good reason to do this!

It’s because amber glass naturally deflects UV rays/radiation — which in clear storage containers can degrade the medicinal properties of the herbs and break down the vibrant intrinsic colour of the plants we’re working with.

This is why at Little Lune we use amber glass for our roll-on rituals, natural skincare, essential oil perfumes and herbal balms — to preserve the integrity of the essential oils and herbal infusions within, so you always receive the most potent therapeutic benefit!

So if you’re looking to get the most out of your home herbal witchery and medicinal tea blending, we recommend storing your herbs (and essential oils) in amber glass jars or light-free sealed containers, keep out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry area and always label your jars! 👌

This way you can extend the shelf life of your natural products and better reap the rewards of the bountiful medicinal magick that our beautiful plants allies hold within ♥

how to store essential oil perfumes and skincare

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