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Life update 🌺

Updated: Mar 6

urban herbalist sydney australia

It's been one full lunar cycle since I left the spirited green undulating lands and wild, enchanted rivers and streams of Bellingen in exchange for the bustling, street art-soaked city streets of Newtown.

What's it like being a studying herbalist and eco-conscious product formulator who's been dropped back into an urban concrete jungle? Well, it's not ideal 😅, but I've been called back here for a greater purpose...

My vision is to buy some rural land, a realm I can call my own, where I will establish a homestead, along with a separate, dedicated apothecary for Little Lune — embraced by extensive herb gardens, to be used for product making, and to be delighted in, in equal measure.

A little forest haven where I can invite in the community and those interested in herbs and natural medicine, to see how things are made, to learn a thing or two, or to simply picnic for pleasure amongst the holy basils, the borages and lemon balms aflit with blue banded bees.

I wish I could teleport myself straight to this place, and skip the city detour, but life, our most divine beloved teacher — has been quite lovingly stern in letting me know that to get what I desire, I must put in the hard yards, be humble and flexible when things don't go to plan, and to persist with a step forward — however big or small — when it feels like everything is buckling around you.

herbal skincare australia

I dearly miss walking around barefoot on the earth literally everywhere... the city just doesn't foster that same footloose-and-fancy-free feeling, you know? ;-)

And I very, very much miss being able to skip out to my gardens and pick herbs for tea, food and for making Little Lune products. I have always used a mix of highest quality organic outsourced herbs, as well as homegrown and wild foraged herbs for Little Lune — the latter two being my firm preference.

So for now, I must be content with solely outsourcing herbs for product making, but I assure you, dear reader, that I will always bring you the best — and I'm working harder than ever, despite my location, on a number of exciting new products to share with you.

I am deeply grateful for every single one of you who chooses to support small business and independent creators.

Every order that I receive helps me raise the necessary revenue to keep expanding on my product line, and every order is a beautiful little lantern guiding me closer to creating the bricks and mortar Little Lune Apothecary that I look forward to welcoming you into one day.

So it's here, in this bright little loft studio in Newtown where I can incubate my vision and prepare for the undertaking ahead.

I'm sharing this with you because I feel it's important to never lose sight of our dreams and aspirations, no matter how far out or grand, or how much we feel we aren't good enough to make it happen. No matter how many people tell you it's impossible, or whimsical or unrealistic. To them, I say, nod and smile — in quiet knowing that the only limit to our experience in this MIRACLE of a universe in which we exist — is the limit we put on our own imagination ✨

And then take one step today, just one little step forward in the direction of your wildest dreams 🌺

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