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Benefits of rosehip oil for acne scars + anti-ageing

Updated: Mar 6

rosehip for oil for acne scarring

Rosa Canina, or Rosehip Oil, is one of the key lipids we use in our About Face oil and Serum, and that's because it's a truly rich, rosy nectar for skin! 🌱⁠


For much of my adult life, into my early 30s, I struggled with cystic acne around my chin area. Since formulating my own skincare products, and following my faery path deeper into the realms of herbalism, those days are now gratefully over. I'll save sharing that journey for another time — it's a raw, vulnerable part of me which I know many will relate to. 💗⁠


But one thing that (actually) worked to help me with the scarring and post-inflammatory redness during this time was rosehip oil.⁠


Not only is rosehip oil a fantastic anti-inflammatory (making it a godsend for sensitive, acneic, eczema, psoriasis and reactive skin conditions), it's actually a natural form of retinol, thanks to its high trans-retinoic component — a naturally occurring vitamin A, of which retinol is a synthetic compound.⁠

rosehip seed oil for wrinkles

This explains why rosehip oil shines at skin renewal — reducing scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, wrinkles and red patches. while retinol achieves this with unbridled ferocity that sees us fleeing to hide our red, flaky faces away for days, rosehip takes a much gentler, feminine approach — soothing and nourishing along the way with essential fatty acids (EFAs) for buoyancy and elasticity, and vitamins C and E, which together fortify our dermal layers against the environmental stresses that lead to premature ageing.


Not all oil is create equal, though — we only use organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil, which means no solvents or heat is used during the extraction process, thus retaining higher nutritional benefits for your skin.

If you're looking to incorporate the multiple skin-loving benefits of rosehip oil into your skincare routine, check out my lush jojoba and rosehip About Face oil (great for all skin types, including oily/acneic), and my targeted Serum enriched with macadamia oil, rosehip seed oil and other age-defying plant oils over at the online shop.

With love and roses,

x mary moon ♥

rosehip oil for acne scars and redness

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